RPG’s are still cool Part II

It’s for another post about gaming in general. I did a post over a year ago on my other blog just think back about what was going on then with 5E and whose opinion WOTC asked for and you’ll understand. Anyway I don’t want to harp about anything negative. I don’t have the need, urge, nor time to screw with anything like that. I have much more important and enjoyable things to do.
The things I said in the old post still hold true. I’ve met some wonderful people around the world thanks to gaming. I’ve some of the most entertaining and fun times of life while rolling dice and killing monsters. It wasn’t all unicorns and rainbows. Yes, there were conflicts of personalities and opinions of the rules. That stuff happens. Get over it. It happens too often in real life to let elf game drama bring down a hobby that is supposed to fun.
That’s what’s about for me. Fun. Laughs. They’re games. Enjoy them. Heck, enjoy them in your own way. And that’s what I do and that’s what encourage everyone to do. Let me sum it up with a picture.

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