Advantage/Disadvantage Tokens

So I picked up these wooden disks up at the local Lowe’s for about $2 for a dozen of them. I had some plans. Probably use them as bases for some miniatures. And that’s plan in the future. I got a few that need some stability. Thanks, Reaper. But then I got thinking this morning.
While playing 5E D&D, there’s a lot of circumstances grant Advantage or Disadvantage. And sometimes, the DM or the player forget that they have either Advantage or Disadvantage. I did something similar while playing Savage Worlds with Shaken tokens. (BTW, I use these from Litko.) But hey. Why not something just for 5E? So grabbed a red and a green Sharpie and there you go. Of course you could paint them or do something fancier but this was one of those ideas that just popped in my head. Also you could grab up some multicolored glass beads and do that too.

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