Not Dead Yet. And Not Planning On It.

I’m so behind on posting that it’s not even funny. But the annual, “Is the OSR dead?” post went up on EN World today so it’s prefect opportunity for a little rant.
Hopefully, we’ve gotten past Edition Wars. Yeah, there are still a few fighting the good fight. Hey, just play what you want to play. Good enough. Anyway. The OSR ain’t dead. It’s just crazy and DIY driven as it was before. The OSR market has kind of stabilized. Everybody has pretty much picked their favorite clones and is playing away. Adventures and settings? Well, those can transferred from clone to clone. Bought an adventure for Lamentations of the Flame Princess but like using Swords & Wizardry. No problem. You get the idea.
Now, I don’t want to sound inflammatory and somebody is sure to take it that way. Us OSR types are calmly confident in their gaming choices. We don’t need to prove anything. There’s no need to argue about what system is better. Why old is nostalgia/bad/good. Or modern is good/bad. There just isn’t any need for it.
Just sit back and have fun. Roll dice. Kill monsters. Take their stuff. Most importantly, have fun.

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