YARC: The Fighter

Last week I went over the basics of YARC. This week I’m tackling the fighter.
The fighter is one of those basic classes that are mix of great and suck. They get the best armor and weapons. They get the best Hit Points and chance to hit in combat. That’s their role. That’s their job. But I always thought it was pretty blah especially in old school games. The only way fighters really gets better at their jobs is to get better gear. They don’t learn to duck. They learn to hit more often but not harder or more efficiently. Spell casters gain lots of options. The fighter gains a shopping list. It just doesn’t quite fit into my little mental picture.
Like the rogue/thief/specialist a fighter should be a skill monkey. It’s just those skills are centered around fighting. The character learns to hit an opponent where it hurts the most or (like I said before) learns to duck and parry. Yes, some may say the this one is simulated with better Hit Points. Fine OK. But they still don’t learn better. And part of learning is choosing what to learn. Where the fighter wants to put their skill focus as you will.
Now, this was done in later editions with feats. Fighters were feat monkeys. But I wanted to a simpler route. Something felt a little more old school and in line with the rest of the stuff that’s happening with YARC. So unto I present the Talented Fighter. And yes you may have to reference back to the Basics. Enjoy.

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