YARC: Clerics

Clerics have always bugged me a little. Mainly, how they get their spells. The cleric prays or does whatever the divine wants and then comes up with a list of things for the day. That just doesn’t make much sense in my little mind. Aren’t clerics also supposed to be the miracle workers? So here’s my little variation on how clerics get spells making them a little more spontaneous. So the cleric gets decide what is needed by the situation rather than guessing at the beginning of the adventuring day.
First, clerics must pray or perform whatever ritual of faith as determined by their god. This grants them access to spells but does not commit them to “memory”.
When clerics cast spells, it takes one round of prayer/spell level to cast the spell. This is any spell that the cleric is able to normally cast. The cleric may expend higher level “spell slots to speed up the casting by one per spell slot level difference but cannot reduce the casting time to less than one round. For example, if a cleric casts a third level spell but burns a fifth level spell slot then the casting time would be reduced to one round.
A cleric may prepare one spell as a contingency spell that would require only one round to cast. This, of course, must still be of a level that the cleric could cast and counts towards the cleric’s daily spell allotment.
Finally, Lamentations of the Flame Princess gets it right. Turn Undead should be a spell.

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