Why I Like OSR Games.

It’s that time of year for all sorts of reminiscing. I think I do a post like this every year but what the heck. The OSR is still alive and well and still like all those old grognardy games.
YEs, there are plenty of games I really like but there’s a special place in my gaming DNA that goes back to its origins. Those were simpler times with simpler games. Games that you could tweak and house rule to your desire. But then I was much younger then and not as wise. So many of those tweaks and house rules were really broken. But broken didn’t stop us from adventuring. It was wild. There were plans for a story. The game was the story. Heightened by those crazy die rolls and silly charts. A lot of times it didn’t make sense. But it was fun.
So here we are. The year is almost over and a new one is on the horizon. And still, there’s comfort in those decades old games.
Have fun gamers!

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