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Stark Space
It’s been a long weekend but I haven’t been idle. Work continues on Stark Space. This week I want to talk about skills. A lot of folks don’t use a skill system with their OSR games. That’s cool. But for Stark Space I felt it needed one. Yes, it’s gritty and all but I also felt that characters should have a very broad range of abilities. While the classes are focused in particular area, I wanted it set up so a character could be a killing machine and still have an aptitude for talking their way out of fight. Like the classes, I wanted the skills to be very broad and flexible categories. So there’s only 12 and should cover most situations. And this system should be easily transferred to any other old school game or genre.
Here’s the very basics of it. Each skill is derived from adding together two ability scores then dividing by 3 and always rounding down. Roll 2d6 if it’s less than or equal to the character’s skill rating then success. Here’s the skills, their related abilities, and a brief description:
Athletics (Str+Dex): Jumping, climbing, acrobatics, and all that.
Detective (Wis+Cha): Avoiding surprise, noticing details, investigation, and detecting lies.
Education (Int+Wis): General education and knowledge.
Fast Talk (Int+Cha): Haggling, bluffing, and diplomacy.
Hacking (Dex+Int): Hacking, forgery, disabling security systems, and locks.
Medicine (Int+Wis): First aid, diagnosis, and surgery.
Pilot (Dex+Wis): Navigation, piloting 9duh), and driving.
Tech (Dex+Int): Repair and modify equipment including star ships.
Sex Appeal (Con+Cha): Seduction and making good on that innuendo.
Stealth (Dex+Cha): Sneaking, sleight of hand, and covert surveillance.
Survival (Con+Wis): Tracking and living off the land.
Zero-G (Dex+Con): Working safely in 0-G without loosing your lunch.
Muscles and Brains characters get a bonus on a skill that is their specialty. As far as improving goes, when a character gains a level they get a +1 to one skill rating. That’s it.
That’s the basic of skills. Stay tuned for more previews on Stark Space plus the other projects I’m working. Also, there may the occasional rant. It’s a New Year and things are going to fun around here.

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