Some Random Thoughts on Game Design

I was drinking my coffee this morning and just thinking about games. Since I’ve been throwing my own stuff out into the world, I figure I’d share some of my thoughts.
1. GM’s and players aren’t stupid. I work from the assumption that both have some idea what they are doing. They don’t need the game designer to hold their hands.
2. Simple/Light rules are better. They give both the players and the GM more wiggled room. They allow more thinking outside of the box. They allow GM’s to tweak and house rule more easily and make the game their own to better fit the style and feel of a campaign. That being said, don’t be a rules lawyer.
3. Rules that protect players from bad GM’s are an illusion. I’m probably going to some heat for this one. No rule will ever protect a player from a bad GM. If you have a problem with your GM or group then try discussing it in a rational and mature manner. If that doesn’t work, pick up dice and walk. I’ve done this on more than one occasion. I know that due to geography or work schedules this may gaming nearly impossible. But ask yourself is it worth it? There’s options for virtual table tops online or even start up your own game.
4. Adventure modules shouldn’t be fire and forget. Maybe this is why I really dislike writing adventure modules. A good module is one that you play then the GM keeps it handy for whatever reason. There should be something in it that is reusable or valuable outside of the module.
5. Not everybody likes the same thing. Here’s another that might upset someone. If you don’t like a genre or a set of rules. Fine. Then don’t play it. It’s that simple. Don’t sit around and complain. I’m not saying that there aren’t steaming piles of crap out there. See Item 1. Gamers are smart. Let other gamers be smart and make their own decisions.
So that’s it. Once again, I chant the mantra. Roll dice. Kill monsters. Take their stuff. And have fun.

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