The Shkreli Demon

A tiny spineless demon that hails from the lowest, most vile pits of hell and only appears in the mortal world where there is pain, suffering and disease.
Armor Class: 9[10]
Hit Dice: 1
Attacks: +1 Claw (1d4-2)
Saving Throw: As Level 1 Thief
Special Abilities: When any healing or cure spell is cast within 30 feet of it, it absorbs the spell energy causing the spell not to work. It then transforms that energy into treasure (1 GP/Spell Level). When it thinks it has accumulated enough treasure it teleports back to hell. However the creature is incredibly greedy and will attempt to grab up as much treasure as possible making it easy for adventurers to squash it.

One thought on “The Shkreli Demon”

  1. You forgot:

    Punchable Face

    Any creature of a non-evil alignment must make a Will Saving Throw to not immediately punch the demon in its face. Repeatedly.


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