Gary Vs The Monsters: The Mystic & Psychic

Here we go on the final countdown. I finished up the final draft last night. That means final editing and layout are next. Yippee! That means today I’m going to share a bit about the last two character classes in the game. The Mystic and Psychic. These two classes add a bit of supernatural power on the player character’s side. But not as much as the standard fantasy game. After all, Gary Vs the Monsters is all about campy horror.
The Mystic would be the very rough equivalent to the magic-user from any fantasy game. Mystic also has very broad range when it comes to roleplaying opportunities. A Mystic character could be anything from the so-called kitchen witch to a Catholic priest. They are the class that has the best knowledge on the supernatural. Instead of a long list spells that get more powerful as the character advances in level, there’s a short list of basic spells. Mystics can cast more spells per day as they advance. The first thing to note is that aren’t any damaging spells. No fire balls. No magic missiles. Nothing like that. In the basic Gary Vs The Monsters book, Mystics only have five spells. They are Bless (making holy water or buffing another player character), Circle of Protection (keep the monsters at bay until somebody or something disturbs magical runes), Divination (a little fortune telling), Exorcism (what it says and it ain’t easy), Faith Healing (restore a few Hit Points cause you’ll need all you can get).
The Psychic is all about information. Things you probably can’t learn with research or don’t have the time or means to do any. Of course, Psychics can hold seances and talk to ghosts and spirits which can be handy until the Psychic gets possessed then you might need a Mystic’s help. Of course, they can also do object reading and a little bit of telepathy. And as a great tool for the GM, Psychics also get random visions. They also have a few neat tricks that help with their armor class and they’re really hard to surprise. They can get “bad feelings” about people or places. Unlike the Mystic that has a limited number of uses of their supernatural powers, the Mystic makes Skill Checks. (Remember. We’re using Saves as Skills). It’s suggested that the GM do these in secret. Why? Well, they don’t know if there’s nothing there or that character failed their roll. It keeps them on their toes. But when the Psychic’s radar does go off then it’s time to worry.
So there you go. The last two classes for Gary Vs The Monsters. Now, I can say coming very soonish. Stay tuned to for more or drop the Google+ Community. Plus you might here about what crazy stuff is coming up next.

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