XP as Soul

Another little idea popped into my overcrowded head. Generally, levels/XP are considered “life force” when it come to some undead, mostly like vampires draining levels. So why not take this one step further and make it the equivalent of the value of a soul. Demons and devils are dealing in souls so there needs to be some sort “standard” for their value. And with that thought let’s take one more step further. What if a character wants to sell their soul?
Let’s get the easy part out of the way. If the character dies then there ain’t no coming back. The character’s soul is taken by the demon. Any attempt to raise dead, only creates a mindless, soulless body. The only way to work around this is offer up a soul that demon wants and generally will be worth more. Get it? The other catch. The character will only get XP for actions that advance the demon’s agenda. This is the simple way that the demon can direct and “reward” the character.
What does the character get out of it? Well, that all depends the situation. It’s one of those things that that’s nearly impossible to write anything hard and fast. But as a general rule think of a wish spell gone wrong. No matter why the character sells their soul, it will eventually end up badly.
As all the stories go about fools who sell their souls eventually, they realize they made a bad deal and want to get out of it. Like “what the character gets out of it”, this could be a bunch of role playing, haggling, or a whole adventure. For a quick and dirty solution roll 1d1000 (Yes, 1,000), if the result is less than the character’s Intelligence then the lucky twit found a loop hole.
Once again, a quick little idea that came to mind. Keep those dice a rolling.

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