Introducing The Gazebo Gazette

I’ve meant to start up a little E-zine for quite some time and Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day seemed like a perfect time to start the old ball rolling. The Gazebo Gazette features mostly content from old blog posts. Yes, they’ve been tweaked and edited a little but it’s stuff you’ve already seen. But it also has new content as well. This first issue has a new mini-dungeon, “The Lost Crypt of Valcerak”.
My plan is simple. Do one of these on an irregular basis. When I have enough content then I’ll publish an issue. That’s my time table for it. Another thing, the PDF versions will always be PWYW. I’m thinking of this as sort of a reverse Patreon. You have a chance to pitch in after you’ve seen most of the stuff and then it’s however much you want. It’s just that simple.
I hope you enjoy this issue and future issues.
You can pick the premier issue over at RPGNow.
And thank you all again.

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