The Potion of Potion Duplication

Yes, things have been moving at a snail’s pace when it comes to writing well anything. But hey maybe this weekend, things will be better. So to tide you over, this little idea popped into my very simple brain.
The Potion of Potion Duplication
This black viscous alchemical potion comes in a sealed vial. On it’s own it has no magical effects. However, a character may carefully place a few drops of any potion into the vial and duplicate the original potion. The sample used to cause the duplication isn’t enough to cause the first potion to lose any potency. But like all good magic items. There’s a catch. No matter how gentle and careful a character is, there is a 1 in 6 chance that the Potion of Potion Duplication gets contaminated. If it is contaminated, roll another d6.
1-3:The potion is inert.
4-The potion is some “mundane” liquid (water, wine, beer, blood, pee?)
5-The potion has opposite effect.
6-Boom! The potion explodes causing 3d6 damage to everyone within 10 feet. Go ahead and Save for half damage.
There go enjoy. Have fun, kill monsters, and take their stuff.

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