Sometimes The Dice Make Great Stories

That’s right sometimes the dice just do things. Stuff that as GM or player you never planned on and make those great stories that you talk about later. This is one of those times. I’m running 5E for a small group at the FLGS (I’ll have another rant about that later) and the poor fools are going through Death Frost Doom. They just don’t know it yet.
The sorcerer gets attacked by The Lunatic Eye and fails his save and gets confused. Round 1: Stand there. Round 2: Wander down the hall, deeper into the dungeon. The cleric runs after the sorcerer and just has enough movement to catch up. Round 3: The sorcerer attacks nearest target (cleric). How bad can it be? The cleric’s got the best AC in the party and the sorcerer just has a dagger. Dice roll: CRIT! It still can’t be that bad, it’s only a dagger. Dice roll: Max damage. Round 4: Sorcerer snaps out of it and is standing there with his dagger buried in the cleric. “I’m soo sorry about that.”
Yeah. Sometimes the dice just do things. That’s why I like to roll them in the open and let them fall where they may.

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