The Good Thing About Having Your Computer Break Down

Yeah. My PC took the big crash and burn a couple of weeks ago. The good news it that I was able to recover all the necessary files. The bad news I really couldn’t do that much with them. I could have limped along on an ancient laptop for a while but a good deal came along and I jumped at it. But that’s not what this little post is about. It’s about sitting back and using your brain without the chatter of the Internets.
It was kind of nice and I should do it more often. There was no distractions from social media or trolling or whining or proselytizing. I sat back and read a few things and day dreamed. You know that place where you could crazy ideas from before the Internet. I’m not advocating or thinking about dropping offline and taking up the life of a hermit. But it’s good to take a break.
With all that being said, there’s some really great stuff that it was real pleasure to go back and read again. It’s no secret that I think some of the coolest adventures are for Lamentations of the Flame Princess and Dungeon Crawl Classics. But for this post I want rant on two totally awesome things for DCC. Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad and Crawling Under A Broken Moon. Both of these are zines for DCC but they are wild and gonzo. Crawling Under A Broken Moon is pretty easy to explain. It’s basically Thundarr thru the warped lens of DCC. What can I say about Metal Gods. It’s its own brand of craziness that a mixture gonzo. I think this picture sums it pretty well.
So yeah. With this little involuntarily break was good for letting ideas brew and get things moving ahead again. Now if you’ll excuse me I have some craziness of my own to create.

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