Valcerak The Lich King

In the first issue of the Gazebo Gazette, I did a little adventure called the Lost Crypt of Valcerak. Valcerak is this big bad lich of legend. Playing around with my own little world I had the so-called Lich King and played around with a few ideas with him. Then it struck me. Valcerak is the Lich King. What makes him different than you run of the mill lich. He inhabits the undercity and catacombs of the bustling and decadent city of Ularax and just about everybody knows it. So why in the world would anyone tolerate a lich in their city?
Catacombes I
The Council of Skulls: Valcerak has collected the skulls of the greatest leaders, sages, heroes, generals, philosophers, and thinkers in history. In sanctum surrounded by undead guards and servants, he is able to speak with souls of the minds the world has seen. He is more than willing to offer the advise and council of his collection to any who are willing to pay a price for information and wisdom that has been lost to the ages. Even so-called good kings and heroes have secretly asked for guidance. Ancient lore that would otherwise be unavailable to anyone could possibly be found through The Council of Skulls. Valcerak is even willing to help common adventurers for trade. He may send them off to find the lost crypt of an ancient, legendary hero or he may ask them to expedite the passing of a sage or wizard just for the opportunity to add another skull to the Council.

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