Grabbed Some Cheapo Treasures This Weekend

It’s been a while since I found some neat stuff that was really cheap but this weekend I finally got lucky and found cool stuff.
First, I always wander by the toy section at Walgreen’s only to see what ends up on clearance. After a long dry spell, I got lucky. They had some Skylander “Traps” on sale for around a buck. I looked at what few they had left and grabbed one up that looked pretty cool for some dungeon dressing. Eventually, I’ll make a more permanent base for it.
This also illustrates why every DM should have a couple of Legos in his little box of wonders. And of course, there’s some standard mini’s for scale. Heck what adventurer wouldn’t want to mess around with some strange crystal structure in the middle of a dungeon. It screams. TOUCH ME!
Moving on. I had to run by the Dollar Tree. (Note: I’ve grabbed a lot of handy things there over the years but nothing new has shown up in a while.) This time a double shot was had. This first item was a small pack of barnyard animals for a buck. There’s also a horse, a couple of cows, a pig, and a collie in the pack I got. But what I really wanted is sheep. Why? Well, if you keep with me on G+, you’d know that last week the sorcerer in my 5E game had the fortune of turning himself into sheep. Next time, I’ll have a mini for that.
Finally, just like an adventurer, I can’t just walk by shiny gold coins without investigating. These are always handy as tokens and props. Now, the little pouch in really cheap and pretty darned useless but, hey, got some gold coins with skulls on them, an Aztec-looking medallion, and a ring. Sure they are out plastic but at dollar just couldn’t walk on by.
Finally, like so many holidays, stores start putting out stuff earlier and earlier. I’m already starting to see Halloween decorations and those usually offer up some cool little things. Which also means school is starting soon too. Yep, back to school sales for all those gaming needs but if you don’t need right away wait some stores do clearance sales after the big push. I’m still going through that stack of composition books I bought last year for a quarter each.
Roll dice. Kill monsters. Take their stuff. Have fun. And shop smart. Shop S-Mart.

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