Elemental Golem

Alchemists has chased the Philosopher’s Stone along the way their research has uncovered many fascinating and dangerous discoveries. One such revelation is the Elemental Golem. These creatures appear as an animated suit of plate armor but that is where the resemblance ends. The armor is actually the creature’s body and is specially forged in an alchemical process to harness and contain the power of all four primordial elements. Elemental golems are nearly impossible to control. Once animated, they have one goal. Destroy anything in it’s path. The golem has no need to eat or sleep and will go on a rampage until it is destroyed. There are legends of special crystals that could be used to control an elemental golem but that is legend. Right?

Hit Dice: 8
Armor Class: 2[17]
Attacks: 2 Fists (1d6+3) plus Elemental Fury
Saving Throw: 8 (+4 vs Magic)
Special: Immune Mind Control, Fire, Electricity, Cold, Poison and Diseases. Elemental Fury (see below)
Move: 12
Alignment: Neutral
Challenge Level/XP: 12/2,000 XP

Elemental Fury: At the start of each of it’s rounds, roll a d8 on the following chart to see what additional effects occur.

1. Fire Blast: Fire erupts from the golem. All within 20 feet take 5d6 damage (Save for half damage). It’s fist attacks do an additional d6 damage plus any opponent who is struck must make a Saving Throw and be on fire (taking an additional d6 each round until extinguished).
2. Static Discharge: Bolts of lightning lash out at all targets within 20 feet and take 3d6 damage (Save for half damage). The golem’s speed is doubled for this round and it makes two additional fist attacks.
3. Frost Skin: The elemental golem is covered in a thick layer of ice. It gains 3d6 HP. These extra HP only last for this round and absorb any incoming damage first. Additionally, anyone struck by the golem must succeed on a Saving Throw or be frozen in place (petrified).
4. Rock Hard: Improve the golem’s AC by two. Additionally, it’s first attacks do double damage (2d6+6).
5. Gale Force: A blast of wind knocks opponents away from the golem. Anyone (and any loose objects) and knocked back so that they are 30 feet away from the golem. Characters may attempt a Saving Throw to avoid being knocked prone.
6. Calm Before the Storm: No effect this round but roll twice next round.
7 to 8: No effect this round.

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