Low Fantasy Gaming

I just can’t pass a set of free home brewed rules. There’s even if I don’t use the whole game, there’s something to throw into my own game. Well, thanks to the OSR Community over on G+ I heard about Low Fantasy Gaming.
Low Fantasy Gaming is just that a cool bit frankenrules that you can pretty much tweak and twist as you like. Reading through I can see the gaming DNA of 3.x, 4th edition, 5th Edition, and just a wee tiny bit of Dungeon Crawl Classics, Crypts & Things (Remastered) and Black Hack. It’s designed to be for low magic settings hence the name but you could use it for any fantasy you want.
For attributes, Wisdom is split into two (Perception and Will). This gives characters an extra attribute but does make a little more sense. The basics are ascending AC with your normal hit bonus and roll to hit. You get the idea. Skills are a roll under the appropriate attribute. If the character is “trained” in the skill then they can use their “Re-roll” pool (which equals half their level). And it does exactly what it says. There aren’t any Saving Throws. Instead characters have Luck which they check like an attribute and if successful, it goes down by one. Things get more dangerous as the adventure goes along. There’s also some simple additional effects for common weapons and armor. Then there’s Exploits. Basically, it’s do more than just hit something in combat. Well, you still get to hit something but you can do something else too.
Since it uses influences from so many games, it’s easy to take some of the ideas and transfer them over to what set of rules you are using and if you don’t even plan on using any of the rules, then there’s one chart that makes it worth it. Dark & Dangerous Magic (DDM). First in the Low Fantasy Gaming, there aren’t any clerics (some healing spells are now Sorcerer spells) just Sorcerers. In the rules, it’s just like the Wild Magic Sorcerer from 5E. Roll a d20 each time you cast a spell. On the first spell, bad things happen on a 1. Cast another spell, now bad things happen on a 1 or 2. Get it? Any way the Dark & Dangerous Magic table is pretty cool. Combine the Wild Magic table from 5E and the Corruption Tables from DCC and you get the basic idea.
With all that you can’t beat the price of free. So go over to their website and check it out.

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