Embrace the Dungeon (Crawl Classics)

In a few weeks or so, I’m get to start up a Dungeon Crawl Classics game. And yes. I am excited. I’ve the book on the shelf for quite a while now. I’ve grabbed up all sorts of PDF’s. I love vibe of the whole game. I still have some reservations about chart-o-palooza but I think I get used it. I’ve ran a couple of one shots and played a few sessions of it.
Now there’s some debate whether DCC is truly OSR. I don’t care. For this it’s close enough for me. It’s to bring forth all the cool gonzo stuff waiting in the wings. How many freaking supplements do have on the shelf (both real and virtual) Many. I’ve already got a hard copy of the DCC reference book ordered. I still have GM Screen from Free RPG Day. Remember that? I’ve hit and added a few more things to my virtual library and getting a collection of material from the zines namely Crawl, Crawling Under A Broken Moon, Crawljammer, and Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad.
Then of course there’s all the non-DCC stuff that still works great. Namely, things like Vornheim and the D30 Companions
I’ve got lots printing, reading, and plotting to do. It’s going to be fun. And pay attention here. I’ve some ideas for some classes. So we’ll just see how things go with that. Now time to get work on the rest of the stuff on plate.

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