Some House Rules for the Upcoming Dungeon Crawl Classics Campaign

Yes. I am a bit of kick when it comes to Dungeon Crawl Classics. I may a little late coming to this show but it’s been on in the back of my mind ever since my grubby little grognard fingers got a hold of it. Since then there’s been a lot of third party and DIY stuff come. Too much for me to keep up with. So there is chance that some else has already done this or something similar. With all that said, here’s a few house rules for the World of Zoong.
If a player has more than one 0-level character survive to make 1st level then only one of the characters advances. The other remains at 0 Level as a hireling of the leveled character.

At 1st level: Roll up 4 more 0-Level Characters as normal.
Beyond 1st Level: Roll up a new character with enough XP to be at mid-point of the next lowest level or if the player still has that original hireling advance that character as with rolling up a new one. Character still rolls occupation, starting money etc as normal. And advances the appropriate level.
Rolling Ability Scores for leveled characters:
1. Roll 1d6 in order.
2. Roll 6d6 arrange to player’s liking.
3. Roll 1d6 in order.
Clerics and Wizards: There is a chance these characters can start with disapproval/corruption. Roll 1d20. If the number is less than or equal to the character’s level then the character has disapproval/corruption. Clerics roll on the Disapproval table as normal using the number rolled on the d20. Wizards roll a number times on the Corruption Tables equal to the number rolled on the d20. (Roll 1d6: 1 to 3: Minor; 4-5 Major; 6: Greater)

Special Rules for Spell Casters:
Clerics: Beginning spells and when new spells are learned, they are determined randomly at the whim of the gods. A cleric may attempt to change one spell each day when they pray. The character makes a spell check. DC: 10+The Spell’s Level. If successful, the player may choose a replacement spell. On a failure, the cleric automatically gains disapproval equal to the spell’s level and the spell remains.
Changing Spells on the Fly: A cleric may attempt to call on their gods divine favor for spell that they need right now. The cleric attempts a spell check at 10+twice the spell’s level. If successful the spell is changed but the cleric gains Disapproval equal to the spell’s level. If the roll is a failure then the cleric gains disapproval equal to twice the spell’s level and roll immediately roll on the Disapproval Table as if the character had rolled the highest number possible on a spell check that triggers Disapproval.
Random Spells (for both clerics and wizards): When a character is rolling for random spells and rolls a duplicate result, they may select a spell of their choosing.

That’s it for now. There’s more on the way.

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