Welcome to Gongberry

The “heroes” have to start somewhere and that somewhere is Gongberry. The little village where my Dungeon Crawl Classics campaign begins. Gongberry is small city/large village. It’s just big enough to have at least some representation of each of the races and barely be be self sustaining. Of course, traveling merchants make seasonal stops and fill young folks with wild tales of the outside world.
Gongberry lies in the middle of a large valley. To the east are The Really Steep Mountains and to the west The Really Big and Dangerous Mountains.The Languid River runs thru the middle of the valley and around the town. The river is used for irrigation for the fields south of town. To the north of Gongberry is the The Really Creepy Forest That Has Stuff That Will Eat You In It. Beyond the Forest, the river peters out and the area turns into That Boggy Marsh Filled With Really Bad Stuff. And just beyond the marsh at the head of the valley is The Ancient Scary Ruined Keep That Your Parents Told You Never To Go To Because The Place Was Evil And Monsters Would Eat You And That You Need To Be Good Or The Monsters Would Come To Town And Drag You Off.
That’s the starting point. Time allowing. I’ll get a map done.

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