Chicken of the Starless Sea

Things have been really busy thanks to the holidays and some real life but I’m still managing to get a little gaming squeezed in. The Dungeon Crawl Classics group just finished up Sailors of the Starless Sea and I thought I’d throw something interesting. I’ll try to do this as spoiler free as possible but just in case you have been warned.
There’s a place in the module where living things get corrupted. The party threw a chicken in there. I decided to have it come back in the aftermath of the adventure. So here it is.

The Chicken of the Starless Sea. An unearthly creature. A featherless chicken with eerie green glowing eyes on the ends of twitching eyestalks.
Init +1
Atk 1d20, melee Chaos Peck (1 HP damage)
AC 11
HD 1d4 (2 HP)
MV 30′
SV Fort +1, Ref +3, Will +0
Each day the chicken lays one egg with magical properties. After a day, the first egg becomes a mundane rotten egg.
An elf or wizard may eat the egg as part of casting a spell. The caster gains +1d3 on the Spell Check. If the result indicates any kind of spell failure, the caster losses the ability to speak and can only cluck like a chicken for the next 1d6 rounds. Plus the character suffers any other ill effects of rolling poorly.
The players were really excited to level up to first level and keep playing so I didn’t make that many notes about the merry band of adventurers but a couple did really stick in my mind. There’s Nacho the Cleric. Really, that’s enough and so DCC. Plus a very lucky fighter. He has more luck than strength. (I think he has a STR of 13 or so but he does have an 18 Luck). I’ll have more notes after the next session.
Keep those dice a rolling folks.

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