Black Pudding is Awesome Pudding

Yes, things are busy and this has already made the rounds. But I’m throwing it out there again because it’s just awesome.
Black Puddings No 1 and No 2 and great little OSR zines from J.V. West. Each issue is filled with quirky classes, NPC’s, Monsters, Magic Items, well pretty much a little bit of everything, even some cool stylized OSR character sheets.
Why do I like these so much? They’re quirky. Like I already said. They’re tongue in cheek and take things all too serious and grim dark. But I suppose you could take things that way if wanted. And they are Pay What You Want. Even more bonus. These are all things that hit the perfect chord in my cheap grognard heart. They are just plain fun and just odd enough to keep players guessing.
So there. Yep they are worth checking out.

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