More Space Opera Rants

I’ve ranted about this before and I’ll do it again. I’ve really had the urge for a gonzo space opera game. Hopefully, I might do it between the current Dungeon Crawl Classics Game and getting my hands on Mutant Crawl Classics. But I’m still in the same place as before and with the way my schedule has been, I need start planning now. What freaking system to use? I’ve gotten pretty much narrowed down three.
White Star/Machinations of the Space Princess/X-Plorers Hack: The part is the basic rules are familiar to the players. There’s a plethora resources out there. And it’s really easy to gonzo up. The bad part I feel like I need to hack/create a fun ship-to-ship combat system.
Savage Worlds: This is a favorite of mine from way back. I really like a lot of things about the system and it’s pretty easy on the GM to run. I probably wouldn’t bother with the new SciFi Companion but instead reach back in time and use SlipStream and Daring Tale of the Space Lanes. It pretty much hits all the sweet spots. Except that big bads have problems. They either get one shotted or totally own the party. The players would have to learn a new system and some new rules.
D6/Mini-Six/Original Star Wars Hack: I’m one of those grognards that thinks the best Star Wars RPG was the first one. But still it has some hiccups with characters getting into either impossible to hit or hurt level. Sure I want things cinematic and crazy but just a little more danger.
So it’s time for this little grognard to put on his thinking cap.

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