Cheap 1/72 Mini’s

I’ve talked about 1/72 miniatures briefly before and I finally grabbed a couple of boxes from Hobbylinc. Overall pretty cool and average about 40 cents each. So the price isn’t that bad.
Let me start off with the first question that most folks are going to ask, “What about scale?” So here you go.

From left to right: 1/72 Undead Necromancer type guy, an old Ral Partha (I think) lead miniature, a really old Heritage mini, and finally a modern Pathfinder mini (It’s just the one that I grabbed out of the box). As you can see the “standard” scale has changed over the years. While much smaller than the 25/28 mm, the 1/72’s can still easily be used if you don’t mind the size difference. What about the miniatures themselves? Like I said I grabbed a couple of sets and I’m going to talk about them separately.
First, there’s the Caesar Undead, made in China. The molds are fairly clean and detailed considering the size. They’re made from a harder plastic similar to a plastic model kit. (Remember those?) The miniatures are fairly stable and don’t have a problem staying upright.

I also grabbed up the Modern Amazons and Cimmerians from Dark Alliance out of the Ukraine. The good news is that if you want to a Sword & Sorcery game with a barbarian horde the here you go. But there some bad news. They’re on plastic sprues with some pretty bad molding. So there’s lots of trimming and getting rid of excess plastic. These are made out of a soft plastic. It’s slightly softer than your standard green army man. So trimming isn’t that much a problem, it’s just there is a lot of it. The bases on these are much smaller and getting to stand on their own will take some bases.

So there you go. Each box contains 35 to 40+ miniatures depending so you get a good sized mob for your bucks. Overall I like the Caesar’s much better and bonus they are cheaper too. And finally, here’s one more pic for the picture heavy post.

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