Another Rant About Clerics

I know. I know. I’ve had similar rants before but this another of those little ideas that hangs there in the back of my head. I’ve always thought clerics should differently in your standard style fantasy (read D&D) type campaign.
I always thought it was a bit silly that the cleric sits down to pray with a shopping list of things that may be needed for the day. Make the wrong choices and tough luck bucko. I understand this a resource management and game balance type thing. Got it. But I’ve always thought that clerics should be more spontaneous in their casting. Sort of a pray as you go for what you need when you need it.
Another thing bounced in my head this week. Clerics are always bound to just one god. So why not take this in slightly different direction. You have a world. It has a pantheon. Clerics pray to whatever god they need to in order to get the spells that they need. Need healing. Pray to the god of healing. Need valor in battle. Pray to the god of war. And so on. Freely bouncing between gods and just pulling whatever spell they want may seem overpowered. But the thing is the gods may not get along. So the cleric has play a balancing act to appease all the gods they can or face some sort of divine retribution.
It’s a kernel of an idea. So I think I’ll let it mull in the back of brain for a while and see where it leads to.

2 thoughts on “Another Rant About Clerics”

  1. I hadn’t really noticed any of your previous cleric rants. Are there enough of them to pull together into something? I’m currently reffing a game for two PC Clerics and any sort of idea prompts I can use are great!


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