The Sooper Dooper Ball

Here’s a little artifact that I came up with for my Mutant Crawl Classics game. Yeah, I came up with a few others but this one the players just can’t help themselves from using.

The Sooper Dooper Ball:  A small red rubbery ball made by the Ancients (for an unknown reason) from a mysterious compound that gains kinetic energy.

First, a character throws the Sooper Dooper Ball at a target (makes a Ranged Attack roll). If successful, the ball does 1d3 then bounces randomly at another target. The second target must make a DC:12 Reflex save or get hit by the ball but this time it does 1d4 damage. Of course, if the second target does get hit, the ball ricochets at another target.  Here’s the low down, each target makes the DC: 12 Reflex save or takes damage and the ball continues to bounce around.  Each target hit increases the damage by one die step. So far my merry band of mutants has gotten the ball up to doing a d10 damage. If the target makes the save then the ball bounces harmlessly somewhere.  Since we’ve playing theater of the mind, I’ve had the thrower make a Luck check to see if the ball is nearby.

The group loves this little item so much that I’m probably going to reskin it for the upcoming DCC game with them and there will be a couple little changes to it. But more on that later.

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