Knacks And A Couple Of Other House Rules For DCC

Started up my new Dungeon Crawl Classics game last week. Unfortunately, we had to run out early so I’ll give the low down on the band of mighty adventurers later. Being the kind of grognard that I am I can’t help but do some tinkering. So here you go.
Fleeting Luck: We used it for Mutant Crawl Classics and the players loved it. So pulling form what info is available (Google it) on DCC Lankhmar. We’re running with that.
I also have new love affair with Sharp Swords and Sinister Spells so I’m lifting a couple of things from that.
Complications: This is a fun. Some quirky and bad about your character. Roll on the little chart and see what it is. To make it DCC friendly, calling in your complication gets a point of Fleeting Luck.
Pushing the Roll: To make this more DCC like it applies only to Spell Checks and Attack Rolls. You’ll see why. IF a character fails their roll, they may attempt to re-roll. But if the second roll is also a failure then it is assumed to be a roll of a Natural 1. Say hello to more Corruption and Fumbles. That makes things more interesting.
And lastly:
Knacks: This is a little idea I’ve bounced around for a while. Roll on the chart and get to apply an Ability Score Modifier in some other way. It’s sort of like the Luck Boon/Birth Sign that DCC characters get. It may be really beneficial or not depending on the numbers and the character’s class. Just like Luck. And here’s the PDF of the Knacks Chart.
Keep the dice and heads rolling. And mind your coin purse.

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