Old School Gamer Radio

OK, so if you’re into the OSR and you haven’t been under a rock then you’ve already probably heard of Old School Gamer Radio.
Old School Gamer Radio is the brain child of Matt Finch of Swords & Wizardry fame. Since I’ve been moving blogs(yeah still working some kinks out to the new one here), you might not know I’m a big Swords & Wizardry fan in all it’s incarnations (Light, White Box, Core, and Complete). Any way, this post isn’t about the minor differences between the various flavors of Swords & Wizardry. It’s about the good thing that’s being done with Old School Gamer Radio.
This whole project started with a successful Kickstarter and continues on with Patreon support. The major goal of OSgR (because I’m tired of typing Old School Gamer Radio) is to create a content hub for OSR games. This is a good thing. My real life has been, well, pretty damned hectic of late. Social media has grown wearing, boring, and often toxic. I remember back when I first was drawn into the OSR. It seemed like every day there was something new and interesting. It just seemed like more stuff was being created and shared. To be honest, there’s probably the same amount of stuff being created but there’s so much other stuff to wade thru it makes it hard to find the gems. OSgR is evolving into that. But I can seen some great potential there. The site already has some blog feeds, podcast links and Uncle Matt’s D&D Studio Youtube channel. Really, check it out. Awesome interviews. And some great actual play of the Swords of Jordoba campaign. Trust me. I’ve gobbled up my mobile data listening to it work.
So why in the world do I think this is so important? Like I said, real life has been interesting (in the old Chinese proverb way). I’ve lost a lot of the old passion and excitement about gaming in general, and because of the above I’ve hit a real creative dry streak. OSgR has brought some of that spark back. That’s what I really need.
Thank you
Roll Dice, Kill Monsters, Take their Stuff & Have Fun

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