Alchemical Scorpion

Oh, how long has it been since wrote about Swords & Wizardry? Way too long. I guess thank Old School Gamer Radio for getting me back into the swing of it. So here you go a fun new little monster for you.
The Alchemical Scorpion
HD: 1 HP
Attacks: 1 HP Damage+Potion Effect
Special: Can reload it with a potion.
Wizards are a bit lazy and strange will come up with any thing they find interesting. Getting tired of running up and pouring a healing potion down the the throat of the fighter or cleric, a wily wizard created Alchemical Scorpions as a safer and easier means to deliver potions. Just throw at your downed companion and hope it stings them.
Alchemical scorpions do not (normally) have poison instead they are magically altered deliver a dosage of a specific potion then die. This potion or even poison (one more toxic than a normal scorpion) is determined when the creature is created. It is nearly impossible to determine what potion the scorpion has so many wizard inscribe runes on the creatures’ exoskeletons.
If found in a wizard’s lab/lair, they will most likely contain normal potions. Determine how you will. If the creatures escape into the wild, them the GM should let their imagination go just as wild using odd and bizarre effects.

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