Arcane Portals

So I grabbed these little beauties with my last Amazon order. Now they were only $6 when I got them and the price has changed since then as seem to happen on Amazon.

Sure they are a little smaller than normal D&D mini scale but I know I can find use for tentacled magical portal. They are actually designed for the Eldritch Horror board game by Litko Game Accessories. The folks over at Litko make a bunch of handy tokens, markers, other little bits for a vareity of board games, war games and RPG’s. I’ve got a bunch of their tokes to use with Savage Worlds as Shaken, Wound and other markers plus I picked up their Savage Worlds AOE templates which of course I’ve been known to use in other games. All of which are generic enough I could use for other games. Their stuff is made of acrylic so be picky about what glue you use. Other than that they are pretty handy. Really, go check out their RPG stuff.
Keep those dice a rolling, folks.

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