The $20 Dungeon Revisited

It’s been years since I did the the whole $20 Dungeon project. So I thinks it’s time a I did an update and think over the project again and it’s a good time for that because I’m getting ready to change gears in the near future with the close of the Dungeon Crawl Classics game and the move onto some Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells (followed up by some Swords & Wizardry more than likely). That’ means it’s time to clean out and reorganize the GM’s accessory bag.
Now this isn’t my dice bag. That’d probably be a whole other post. Nor is it the bag with rule books and notebooks. Nope this is the bag with minis and various bits of flavor pieces to spice things. Now since the DCC game started I’ve bought a few things at the FLGS and they just ended up there plus I put in the things that I’d thought I need and, well, a bunch I haven’t used. I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff over the years. It’s nice to have but I need to be more selective about what I drag around with me. It’s time to clean the bag out and rethink the $20 dungeon and not only cheap but efficient.
Much of the thoughts and materials is going to remain the same. Wood makes a good material for the wall sections. It’s easily accessible. Not too heavy. Fairly inexpensive and easy to work with. I’ve found that 3/4 inch stock is the right size as I mentioned in the ancient post. But I want to fancy them up a bit more and see what other bits I can come up with that are useful. There’s a good chance, I’ll mix and match some of the wooden blocks I’ve picked up. Heck, I might even break all that felt from the wargaming days or do more of the cork tiles. These make nice map tiles. Just paint and they already look like stone.

So along with all the other projects, I have on my plate I’m adding another little crafty one. I know it’s crazy but sometimes it’s fun to work with your hands rather than your brain. And I know this post doesn’t have that much substance. It’s more of “I’m going to do a thing” but it’s start. Time to put on that thinking cap.

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