Playing It Wrong Episode 9: House Rules and Hacks Liner Notes

So on Episode 9 of the podcast I talked about some house rules for Swords & Wizardry but heck they’re pretty much usable for any of your OSR type games and as I’ve mentioned, I planning on starting up a Swords & Wizardry White Box campaign in the future so this is all in prep for that. So here they are in the written form as sort of liner notes.
Two Weapon Fighting: +1 to-hit. Fighters (and other martial types) roll both weapon’s damage and take the best. Others average the damage.
Shattered Shields and Sundered Helms: Sacrifice your shield and avoid the damage from an attack. Sacrifice your helmet and turn a crit into a normal hit. Reminds me. I need to write up a new crit/fumble table because those are always fun.
Attacks of Opportunity: I just wrote this.
Weapons and Armor by type: Let the characters describe their weapons. Just do the light, medium and heavy of each: d4, d6, d8 or +2/+4/+6
Changing up the Fighter: Instead of extra attacks against opponents of 1 HD or less. They get an extra attack when they drop an opponent. The total number of extra attacks a fighter can get is equal to their level.
Other stuff that’s coming soon: Going to tweak the skills from Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Basically an x in d6 type system with my own take on a few things. Tweaks to the Cleric, Magic-User, and probably some other classes too.
So here’s the link to Episode 9 of Playing It Wrong.

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