White Box: Basic, Advanced, Supplement I?

So yeah. I’ve been thinking about that White Box game. It’s bouncing around my brain in all sorts of weird ways. Then this odd little idea popped into my head. Things like this go away in a couple days but this one has hung around. So here’s the elevator pitch.
Let’s combine a little of Supplement 1: Greyhawk into Swords & Wizardry just a little bit. Remember Grayhawk brought variable HD and weapon damage and that’s what’s I’m thinking about. Just porting in the HD and the variable weapon damage. OK, I know what you’re thinking why not just play S&W Complete. Well, I did think about that too. The remainder of the rules would stay the same. Yes, I know there is very little difference. But where I do see the difference is in the classes. Especially from other sources than the core White Book. These take the classes and distill them down to their very basics. I’m really basic and the core of what makes the class truly different. So the HD and weapon damage is something that might make things a little more familiar to my players and keep the core light White Box feel and rules.
Honestly, I don’t know. I admit that I may not even do this. It’s just one of those random thoughts….

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