More Dungeon Tiles

The stores are already stocking up on back to school supplies and that means every gamer should be stocking up on all those accessories like paper, pencils, composition books and what have you. Last time I was at the store I picked up a pack of cork tiles for about $5 for four 12x 12 inch tiles. Those of you who remember I did some way back when with some that I had just laying around the house and liked them so I’m making more. And I figured I do them a little bit differently this time around.
First I cut them to more usable sizes and here’s what I ended up with:
12 4X6 Tiles
8 3X6 Tiles
6 3X3 Tiles
4 2X6 Tiles

I just used a utility knife and metal straight edge to cut out the tiles. Then I did a base coat. I forgot my own previous warning on this. The tiles will soak up a lot of paint. That’s why the really cheap stuff is fine. When they absorb all this paint, it helps to slightly strength the tiles too. Don’t worry about getting every nook and cranny. The natural surface adds more to the stone-like look. Here’s some with a light gray base coat.

On the original ones, I basically drew/painted graph paper on them. This time I wanted them to look less organized and more like a dungeon floor but still keep sort of guide for when I use miniatures. So I made a little guide out of some old poster board.

The painting method was pretty simple. I used the guide to put four dots (one for each corner of the square) then painted it in free hand. Like I said I didn’t want them be exact.
The next step is some detail. But damn it I have to run to the store and get some more paint!

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