Orcs of a Different Color

Yeah, I know I’ve mentioned before that I dislike how dragons are color coded for the players’ convenience and this goes sort of along those same lines but what the heck.
We’re all used to the grayish green orcs whether they be pig-faced or not. And I’ve mentioned briefly on the podcast and here that’s OK to mix things up a bit. So why not do it with orcs?
Grayish/Green: Poisoned weapons or bite, better saves against Poison.
Blue: Filled with static electricity but doesn’t discharge until killed. Have fun looting those bodies.
Red: Have methane bladders in their guts. While explode when killed. It’s even worse if they are killed with fire.
Black: Magic resistance but can be turned by a cleric. Surprise!
White: Attacks and even touch does extra cold damage.
Metallic: High Armor Class.
Stone: Really high Armor Class.
That’s just some and relatively system neutral ideas.

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