What’s Cool Wednesday Gothridge Manor

This goes way back and further than I can remember. Back in the early days of wandering around the internet and stumbling upon OSR blogs on Blogger. I don’t remember how many times I stopped by the blog, read a post and moved on. I’m sure I’ve some issues of old Manor Zine somewhere on the hard drive. Just part of my habit of virtually hording OSR material. Move ahead to the present.
Well, good old Gothridge Manor is alive and well and still producing. The blog has just move to new digs: Gothridge Manor, and of course like many of grognards there’s a podcast on Anchor too, and don’t forget the Patreon.
As bonus check out the Happy Whisk while you’re at. Because you can’t have the Manor without the Whisk.
Enjoy folks and have fun out there. Remember, be excellent to each other!

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