What’s Cool Wednesday: Cross Planes

OK, this is another of those blogs/folks that I’ve followed for years and I don’t remember when or how I started. I just know that it was many moons ago.
So what you get when you follow on? Well there’s a good dose of stuff for OSR an Savage Worlds which are both things that I happen to like. So yeah. I do have my own biases but then don’t we all? And, of course, there’s Fifth Edition stuff too. Nothing wrong with that. It’s another of the games that I’ve been enjoying. The good thing is the blog is full of useful stuff be it monsters of commentary so go ahead and check out Cross Plains
And of course like so many of us, Mark dips his toe into wild world of publishing. His titles can be found under the Cross Planes Game Studio at Drivethru.
And yes, these What’s Cool Wednesday’s are shot posts. They’re about getting you to look at these not necessarily give you the complete run down on everything someone does. So like I said before, go check it out.

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