What’s Cool Monday? GM’s That’s Who

This week I wanted to do something special. Not mention one specific person but a whole cadre of folks that keep the RPG hobby moving along. And that of course the GM.
The faithful GM is often the only person at the table who owns the rule book. Who buys extra minis, adventures and other gaming tidbits to keep the game going. The person who spends time outside of the game coming up with more adventures, NPC’s, monsters, magic items, campaign settings, house rules etc. The person who usually works their schedule around everyone else’s to make sure that game happens. The person who lugs extra stuff to the game and probably extra pencils, dice and mini’s, just in case a player forgets theirs. The person who might rearrange their home to make room for the game.
During the game, the GM is referee, den mother, therapist, story teller, arbitrator, and if all else fails the poser that gets the story/plot actually moving. They try to keep the game going and smooth over any ruffle feathers between the players.
And with that rant, thank your GM. Maybe buy them soda. An extra set of dice. Or may be jump on the plot train. Support them. Support the other players. And just plain have a good time and try help everyone else at the table have a good time.
It may be a thankless part of the hobby but for me personally I wouldn’t give it.

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