What’s Cool Wednesday: Your FLGS

Man, it’s been a busy week and there have been a few ups and downs on the gaming front that I haven’t talked about. I was planning on doing this post for Free RPG day but some circumstances have made me change my mind.
You see there’s a FLGS that current group plays at on Thursday nights. There was another store but that closed. Yeah, you’ve probably heard that before. In any case, the group moved to another store. Like any it had it’s ups and downs thanks to the tough business of running an FLGS. And then it happened. The owners announced they were retiring. Great folks who worked hard. I have no problem with that. But fortune smiled on everyone. New owners! So live continues mostly as normal.
Now let me talk about the good old FLGS. Grognards will remember the days before there was Amazon or the Internet. It’s where you got all your gaming goodness. Time and technology haven’t kind. Major publishers have their stuff on Amazon or even their own web stores. Small publishers can’t afford to go thru distributors. One Book Shelf really doesn’t have an actual support program but a few publishers are part of the Bits and Mortar program. So it’s tough on those little retailers.
IHMO. Those that survive do it by being a destination. It’s where you go to hang out. Just like that friendly bar where everyone know your name. You get the idea. But those folks who run the stores still need your support.
So yeah buy stuff at your FLGS when you can. Keep that local neighborhood shop going.

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