What’s Cool Wednesday: MeWe

Google Plus is dead. Crap. I still need to take it off my phone. I’ll get around to it. But since it’s demise people have scrambling for a new home to yak about RPG stuff. Folks dispersed across the Internet to various sites and platforms. Personally, I’ve moved most of gaming conversations to MeWe. There’s some of the old usual folks and few new ones. I like it. Sure it ain’t the same as G+ but hey, it’s growing and new features are creeping in.
Like any “community” it’s only as good people make it and so far so good. Check it our yourself and make your own decision.
Yeah I know another really short post. Hey just check it. Really.

One thought on “What’s Cool Wednesday: MeWe”

  1. I like your What’s Cool Wednesday posts. MeWe is not perfect but it still allows for idiosyncratic game groups like G+ and there are a lot of cool people there, so I enjoy it as well.


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