What’s Cool Wednesday: Necrotic Gnome

Yeah, I know I said I was going to talk about the little guy and maybe Necrotic Gnome is but Gavin Norman is making a big splash. First, there was BX Essentials. I’ll admit that at first I wasn’t sold. We’ve plenty of hacks, re-edits and so on of Basic D&D. But then I got my hands on the books for my current Labyrinth Lord game. Heck, they’re supposed to be a great reference. And they are. I end up using them more at the table than the actual LL rule book.
Now, the whole series is being re-edit and re-packaged as Old Essentials and the Kickstarter is kicking it. It blew through it’s original stretch goals on the first day. It’s really worth checking out.
This also says something else too. Even with mass popularity of 5E, Old School is not dead. Keep rolling those dice folks. And like I said check out the Kickstarter. And yes, I did back it.

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