What’s Cool Wednesday: Thought Eater

It’s time for another What’s Cool Wednesday and I think I’ll start expanding it a bit more. So a bit longer posts than in the past. Oh, it will be pretty much the same as before. I shout out to somebody who’s doing cool stuff that may not me in the limelight. No review about what they are saying. No opinions or in depth analysis of every word. That part isn’t going to change. What I’m planning on adding is just random cool stuff on OBS or other places around the web. And just like the normal What’s Cool Wednesday. No review. No in depth analysis. Just here something is. Make you own decision. And with that, let’s get on with it.
This week, it’s none other than Froth. Yes, I know another of those OSR Anchorite types. Really, it’s a pretty good community. Anyway, Froth’s been putting out his Anchorcast and it’s good calm fun. So check it out the Froth Cast! And yes there is a blog too.
So what cool thing popped up on my radar this week? Well, not much that is super new. Gavin Norman (Last Week’s Cool One) released the Old Essentials Basic Rules on Drivethru. So if you’re curious about those rules and it’s Kickstarter then check it out.
And speaking of Kickstarters. There’s the preview rules for Eric Bloat’s The Blackest of Deaths.

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