The City

In the most recent episode of Playing It Wrong, I ranted about doing a campaign within a single city. Those rants didn’t come totally out of nowhere. Because besides all the other stuff that I’ve got filling my plate, I crazy idea popped into my head for city campaign. I haven’t even named the danged city, yet. Or even decided if I’m going to stat it out for old school or 5E.
So what’s the gist of this idea? A cool and weird fantasy city that is heavily inspired by Sigil and Dark City. While sitting around waiting for new tires to be put on the car, I started scribbling down notes and putting the ideas together and so here we go.
The city is self contained and it wraps around on itself. You know like some of those old video games. You travel in one direction long enough, you’ll get back to where you started. Maybe.
The city is constantly shifting and morphing. Whole districts and neighborhoods, will shift and move without any detecting anything. The city has a relatively “stable” core but the further you travel from the core the more unstable it gets and the more alien it gets The City has multiple levels with various other hazards.
Whole buildings can be “voided” A building could disappear for a period of time but reappear a couple of hours or a couple of centuries later. Those within the building have no idea that this happened and it’s as if no time has passed.
Weather: Wherever the light comes from, the brightest things get is the equivalent of a heavily cloudy day.
The Gods of the City actually live in the city. Of course, I know I’m going to have to do some interesting tweaking.
I know there’s a lot of other things that I’ve got to take into consideration like what effects are there on teleporting, flying, and summoning. And of course, what about food?
But all of that will come in time. Hey, this is a start anyway. So more to come.

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