The City: Concept Map.

Here’s the second post and my crazy City idea. So I played around with some rather simple ideas, ran with it, and here’s what I come up with.

Let me explain this map a bit. The numbered hexes, I’m calling boroughs. Each of these will have their interesting places, people and things. While they have relative positions on the “map” it’s more for easy reference in my own brain and some sort visualization. For this post, I’m dealing with those bands of gray and moving around in the City. Each of those bands, I’m calling a District. The Core is in the center (dimensionally stable area) and radiating outwards there is the Antumbra, Penumbra, and Umbra. Each growing more alien and dangerous as you move from the Core.
Moving from borough to borough within a District and moving between Districts is handled the same way. Roll that die type as on the map and that’s where you end up when moving to the next hex. Also remember that the city “wraps around” so characters attempt to walk off the map, they just end up somewhere else in the Umbra. That’s why that map is more of random table than actually a map. I know that this will be a pain in the ass when the player characters try to go any where. So depending on the game system, I’m thinking of throwing some of modifier or other adjustment to have a better chance at navigating around.
I’m also playing around with moving this into the third dimension and add levels (sort of like a dungeon) to the City. So far I’m thinking about four levels. The City proper, The Undercity, The Catacombs, The Ancient Ruined City. With this I’m possibly throwing around the idea that places may “move” up and down. Like the districts the further you get away from the City Core, the weirder things get. So the Ancient Ruined City under the Umbra is a pretty freaky place.
And yes, I’m thinking about crazy other stuff too but more on that later.

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