What’s Cool Wednesday: Cockatrice Nuggets

I really start a list of this posts so I remember who gets a shout out. This week it’s none other than another Anchorite. Yes, I know. I’ve shouted out a lot to these folks. Well, it’s because I’ve come across a lot of cool folk. there.
This week check out Cockatrice Nuggets by Rich Fraser. He talks mostly about 5E but don’t hold that against him. Heck, I do that too. You can also check out his blob at Slacker Nerds.

And here’s this week’s video!

Support your FLGS: Goodman Games take on Expedition to the Barrier Peaks is ready for preorder!

Random Stuff on Drivethrurpg:
Back to BasiX – Issue #9
Obscura One
The Screaming Swamp
The Magician’s House
Dice Roll Zine No 2
Gunderholfen: The Adventure/Megadungeon; The Map Pack; and The Encounter Pack.

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