Encephalon Gorgers on the Moon

Frog God Games is doing a series of Indiegogo campaigns for short print run adventures. Now I haven’t backed all of them but I did back this one and it’s pretty cool.

Like I’ve said before it’s tough to rant about an adventure without spoilers but I shall attempt to do my best and note I’m going off the Swords & Wizardry version.
Encephalon Gorgers on the Moon is for 7th to 8th Level characters. There’s a good mix of things for the characters to do. It’s not really big enough to really call it a hex crawl more of an exploration of a couple of areas. The basic hook is that strange things are happening deep in the forest and the characters are supposed to find out why. There’s a few suggestions for getting them involved. It’s one of those things that shouldn’t be too hard to get the characters interested. So yep there’s some investigations for the PC’s to do too which also means some interaction some NPC’s. So the investigation and exploration aren’t too hard. They’d just have to follow bread crumbs. It’s not really that challenging but could be fun. That’s the very basics of it.
The tone of the adventure is where it gets interesting. It’s weird in that old pulp fantasy way without relying on the shock and ewe factor to make interesting. Heck, one of the mysteries is “What’s up with all the cats?” Let’s face it if there’s a Druid in the party, animal based mysteries aren’t that hard to solve. It does also have it’s share of eldritch alien monsters and their kin. This is where the characters run into the bad things. Like I said no spoilers but, just read the title again. There’s some major travel in store for the party. And that’s where things get interesting and alien. This part of the adventure has the real homage to the weird fantasy genre. Alien monsters and environments make it interesting. Now, I will admit there’s a lot of reskinning of things with tentacles that eat brains. But that’s OK. They are presented in their own way.
One of the other good things is that there’s lots of ways you can end the module. Not just beat the bad guy. Maybe you don’t. Or maybe you the party goes around exploring an alien landscape.
So yes. Overall. I’m pleased with it and am glad I back it.
You can find Encephalon Gorgers on the Moon on DrivethrRPG or on Frog God Games own site.

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