Playing It Wrong: Swords & Wizardry The Gateway Clone

Another episode of the new and improved podcast is up. This time I return in force to my favorite retroclone, Swords & Wizardry or as I’m calling it the Gateway Clone. There’s plenty of mechanics and other little fiddly bits that can make the transition from current to old-school less frightening for the newcomers.
You can check out the episode here.
For more about Swords & Wizardry head over to Frog God Games or check out Matt Finch’s Patreon. For great actual play in The Blight, check out Swords & Misery.
Thanks and don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast on your favorite platform. And please check out the They Might Be Gazebos Patreon too. It’s just started. Who know maybe I’ll something else special for early Patrons.

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