Potion of Dragon Fury

The party in my game just finished up fighting a bunch of dragon cultists and I wanted something to make those 1 HD cultists a bit more of challenge to the party. So I came up with the Potion of Dragon Fury.
Duration: 1d4 Turns or until Breath Weapon used (see below).
+2 To-Hit and Damage in melee combat.
The drinker of the potion my used a “breath weapon” doing 3d6 damage. Save for half and this ends the effects of the potion. The potion is “color coded” to match the chromatic dragons for the breath weapon.
Black, Acid, 40 foot line.
Blue, Lightning, 40 foot line.
Green, Poison, 30 foot cone.
Red, Fire, 30 foot cone.
White, 30 foot cone.
Unfortunate, side effect: If the potion is still in effect and the drinker is killed (or reduced 0 HP depending on the rules you are using) then then drinker explodes doing 2d6 damage in a 10 foot radius (type of damage as per the color). Save for half.
It was a real surprise to the PC’s the first time a cultist blew up. And they didn’t learn the next time they faced those guys.
Roll dice, kill monsters, take their stuff, and have fun.

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